Terms / Rules


If you would like to return a purchased item, please contact us before returning it. The item is returned within 14 business days after the buyer's receipt. To return the goods, you must present a receipt, the goods must be unused and sent to the specified address! If the item does not match the description or images, it can be returned free of charge.

Missing item

While we try to be as careful as possible, there may be occasional errors in order fulfillment. If your package does not contain any items, please notify us within 7 business days after receiving the package in order to return your money or deliver the goods to you.

Defective item

Defective or damaged items must be reported to us within 7 business days of receiving the shipment, and your money or replacement items will be sent to you as soon as possible. Replacement of goods Replacement of any product for another will be considered a return and reorder. So, having fulfilled the above requirements for the return of goods, visit our website and re-order the required product